A downloadable game for Windows

A little mini-game for the 44 Ludum Dare. You run through the stressed business world and collect your salary to buy things, but unfortunately you lose your precious lifetime to get the luxury.

The world builds itself up generatively.

Input with keyboard:

A: left

D:  right

Space:  jump

(Do not walk against a wall for too long)


Social Livestock.rar 90 MB
Social Livestock.7z 83 MB
Social_livestock_0.2.7z 83 MB


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Really like the art style 2D and 3D and love the classic soundeffects.

FIrst play through i just run through a wall and falling...

Second and third,too.

It was a little hard for me to understand  the controlls,

dont know if i should get money or amazon packages ;)

but its real cool what u done in this short amount of time